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If you are looking for the best profitable business ideas, new business ideas, small business ideas, online business ideas then you are in the right place.

Earlier every family has its own business or they focus on their own business. This means that the head of the family member focuses on the business rather than the job.

But now we ( youngster) now totally depend on the jobs rather than their own business. As we don’t want to take the pressure. But if we are talking about the future then none is better than the business.

Most of the people don’t start their own business because of the investment. They think that the investment is too high to start a new business. But there are many small business ideas that will start with very little or low investment.

Starting a business requires 2 things: Money & Ideas. Maybe you have a bunch of new business ideas but that too fails because of not proper execution. So, It’s very important to balance each and everything.

Today I am going to tell you about the most profitable small business ideas which will succeed if you are doing well.

1.Children Play area or Day care

In the 21st century, Indian families have now turn from joint to nuclear families. It has gotten exceptionally regular to see that the two guardians/parents are working all day occupations.

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For this situation, it gets important to have childcare for kids between age gatherings of 3yrs -12yrs old. Having a blend of play territory and childcare consolidated can make your business a searched out specialist co-op by all the working guardians.

Every problem is a gift—without problems we would not grow.”

Anthony Robbins

2. Foods & Beverages Take away

Food is one of the three fundamental necessities of life that settles on a top decision for individuals to enjoy and open-up business in the F&B (Food and Beverage) Industry. This is the reason as a little small business ideas thought, food joints will never come up short on clients, as long they serve flavorful food.

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Obviously a new company shouldn’t be full-fledge restaurants from the beginning. One can begin with just a couple of key dishes, for example, a healthy conventional breakfast with discretionary snacks as an extra.

3. Embroidery

If we see in the past 2-3 years people love embroidery work and the demand is also high in the market. Embroidery is a traditional work that is taught for many years but now the people know the true value.

As we already know our Prime minister Narender Modi starts a campaign Make in India and through this campaign we all promote the Indian products. So, Embroidery is one of the most profitable small business ideas with very less investment.


Yes, photography. Some of you thought photography like seriously. So now I explain why photography. As we all know now people judge you by your looks and photos. And now people every people wants to become an influencer.

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Influencers need a good photographer who click their pics and put some effects and make that image or picture beautiful.

So for this what you need is a good photo skill and a DSLR Camera.

5. Dance Coaching Classes

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The move has been a deep-rooted type of diversion. These days it has been vigorously marketed and includes a ton of worthwhile payouts for extremely capable artists. You can either employ a move educator or plan to turn into a move instructor by learning the move. The speculation required for this business is low.

New Business Ideas and Online Business Ideas


Blogging is a new business ideas where you need very less investment. In blogging what you need is you have great writing skills. Now Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money by giving almost 4-5 hours per day only. online business ideas

On the off chance that one needs to pick a solitary lucrative thought from a rundown of web-based private ventures from home, blogging can possibly be cash spinners. For whatever length of time that it is fascinating, it doesn’t make a difference what one composes or makes a video about. Indeed, even many first-class execution craftsmen, including stand-up humorists have thought about this as a possible method to extend their range. new business ideas

The objective is obviously to amplify the number of perspectives or perusers of the video blog or blog through the production of intriguing substances. In the event of certain video blog stages, one gets paid dependent on the number of perspectives while if there should be an occurrence of most online journals advertising incomes produced through Google Adsense help the business bring in cash.

2. Chat bot Services

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A Chatbot is a cutting edge business. Around here, you have to manufacture bots according to explicit business necessities. A business of chatbot requests part of specialized skill and information. The venture required for this business is low. This is likewise a sort of private venture thought. This is one of the new online business ideas.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” 

Henry David Thoreau

3. Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is one of the most profitable or demanding online business ideas. Dropshipping is a supply chain management in which you don’t need to keep stock. It is a supply chain management where the retailer doesn’t keep merchandise in stock yet rather moves its client’s requests and shipment subtleties to either the maker, another retailer, or a distributor, who at that point sends the products straightforwardly to the client.

4. E commerce Business

E commerce Business is one of the trending online business ideas after pandemic ( Covid-19 ). As now no one wants to go for physical shopping as we all know the situation ( coronavirus ). Now people want more convenience in their life.

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E-commerce is one of the best online business ideas in which you earn more profit as well as customer satisfaction. As in this platform, people find all the goods in one app or website that is one of the more advantages for the people that’s the reason people going for online shopping more.

5. Youtube

Youtube is a platform in which you can start your own channel in free of cost. This platform is very good if you are not camera shy. Through this platform, you can earn unlimited. What you need is to just fulfill some youtube criteria and start earning.

But yes it not as easy as you maybe think. If I am talking about the competition then there is a huge competition on youtube. By the way, competition is everywhere. But yes if you will provide or entertain your audience then definitely you can grow in very little time. If your video gets hit and likes by the audience then no one can stop you to earn.

Profit-making business ideas in india at very low investment

Now I am talking about some business ideas in India which you can start with very little investment i.e. up to 50,000 only.

1. Homemade Pickels

Pickles are a conventional food thing in India and are amazingly well known. You will discover in any event one variation of pickle in each Indian family unit. Hence, in the event that you need to begin little, a pickle business is a protected and simple choice. Aside from the Indian market, Indian pickles are enormously popular abroad.

business ideas in india

It is a typical sight in urban communities where enterprising mid-matured women enjoy the conventional specialty of pickle making. All things considered, presently with their mastery, you can consider going into business gave it is top-notch.

You can undoubtedly business ideas in india begin a pickle-production business from the solace of your home. You can either produce the pickle yourself or recruit a little group who can do that for you.

Let us state you plan on selling lemon pickles. You purchase new lemons from the market at Rs. 20 for every kg. Recruit a woman who can get ready pickle for you for Rs. 5000 every month. Purchase toppings and flavors for Rs. 5,000. When the pickle is prepared (lemon pickle takes 2 months), bundle and sell them at a beginning expense of Rs. 400 for each container, guaranteeing incredible benefits consequently.

In this way, in the event that you sell 100 jugs in a month, you can without much of a stretch sell all the containers for Rs. 40,000, and acquire a benefit of Rs 15,000 every month.

2. Paper Bags

Eco – friendly bags produced using paper have gotten popular as individuals acknowledge exactly how unsafe non-biodegradable plastic is to the earth. Paper bags can be utilized to pack shopping things, food things, clinical things, gems, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Paper pack or bag business ideas in india making can be begun little scope with the low money or investment. Automatic paper bag making machines start at around Rs 5 lakh and have an extraordinary limit – around two or three thousand units for each hour.

Self-loader machines are additionally accessible under Rs 3 lakh, yet they include progressively manual work and work. Business visionaries additionally need to put resources into sourcing crude materials, for example, paper sheets, ink, printing synthetic substances, labels, and so on.

With developing mindfulness about condition security, most retail locations don’t offer free plastic convey bags to clients any longer. Be that as it may, to hold customers, they pack your buys in paper sacks, if they are solid and tough.

With money as low as Rs. 10,000 you can begin a paper pack business. You will require huge amounts of scrap papers, scissors, great quality paste, and ropes.

3. Tiffin Services

In Metro cities, most of the students came for the studies or for jobs. So, they don’t have so much time to make food. They prefer to eat outside or through tiffin services. Daily eating outside food is not good for their health and it’s too costly also, this is one of the reasons for increasing demand for tiffin services.

business ideas in india

Tiffin Services is one of the best business ideas in india to start its own business at very little investment. In India ladies enjoy making food this is also one of the reasons for the demand for this business.

What you need is cooking utensils, foodstuff, packaging material or steel meal boxes, and a bicycle or two-wheeler for delivery.

4. Tea Business

Tea Business is the best business ideas in india. We all fond of tea. Mostly Indian people drink bed tea, evening tea. College students have good memories of tea. So if you are looking for a tea business area then you should be open to our stall near college or shops.

You can also opt for an automatic tea making machine. This will help you to open your stall at any different location.

All you need is to make a proper plan about the tea like you wanna sell black tea, green tea white tea, yellow tea, and so on. then focus on the name then search a place and the main things focus on hygiene also. Today people or students prefer to eat or drink from a hygiene place.

Starbucks, Chaayos, chai point are the successful business name who make tremendous profit from tea business.

5. Disposable plates and cups

A disposable is an item intended for solitary use after which it is reused or is arranged as strong waste. Disposable items are those items that are implied for solitary or single-use and after that, they are reused for reuse.

Disposables are frequently produced using paper, plastic, cotton, or polystyrene froth. Dispensable food-grade plates and cups are utilized widely in India during occasions, capacities, picnics, and so forth. They are additionally utilized for an enormous scope by road sellers and vendors.

business ideas in india

As they are broadly utilized and have been cheap to make for quite a while, the market has developed. They are normally made of paper, which has risen as an option in contrast to plastic, steel, glass, and so on.

To make paper plates and cups, paper can be obtained from neighborhood scrap shops at low rates. The significant piece of the venture goes into getting expendable plate-production machines.

The success of best business thoughts relies upon different variables that incorporate economic situations, the aptitude of the proprietor, owner, and substantially more. The above rundown is short and each conveys its own extraordinary arrangement of dangers however all of those independent company thoughts hold the possibility to develop as a fruitful business of things to come.

So, these are the 5-5 business ideas, small business ideas, new business ideas, online business ideas, and best business ideas in india.

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What are the best business ideas in 2020?

Best Business Ideas in 2020 are :
E-commerce business
Graphic Designer
Affiliate Marketing
Instagram Influencers
and so on

What are the most successful Small business ideas in India?

Online coaching/tutoring classes
Web development
Courier services
Catering Services
Tax filling & Book Keeping

What business are in demand?

Health care consultancy
Organic Beauty Products
Business Consultancy
Social Media consultants
Delivery or takeaway services

What business should i start in teenagers?

Social Media Influencers
Computer tutor
If you are good in English then English Tutor
Baby Sitting
Motivational speaker


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