Delhi Corona case
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Today Delhi Corona’s case is approx 3,000 /day. As we already know about Coronavirus. The first said case of coronavirus was on 31st December 2019. It almost 9 months all the countries are still facing from this pandemic.

If I am talking about the covid19 cases than for the starting period the 2 most affected states are Maharashtra and Delhi. There was a huge spike on the cases on both the states. The daily cases are approx 4,000 to 5,000 per day.

In Simple words, about 50-60% of the total cases are coming from these two states. Then the per day cases are around 10,000-11,000.

But from the last 2 months, Delhi has more recovered cases than the active cases. Daily Delhi corona cases were between 500-700 cases per day from the last 2 months. But from the last 2 days, Delhi corona cases are in huge spike. But the question is Why the cases are increasing in Delhi?

Why Delhi Corona cases are high?

Suddenly the Delhi corona cases are high because of the irresponsibility or lack of media news. Here I am given 5 reasons for increasing the Delhi cases.

Less Testing

One of the reasons for increasing the cases is less testing. Every state wants to maintain its reputation among the people. If they are showing fewer cases than that state reputation is also good.

In July approx 30,000 daily testings were conducted. But now, if I am talking about the average testing of 7 weeks then it would be 17,924. This number clearly signifies that less testing, less Corona cases.

HT raised questions on testing than Delhi CM Kejriwal said that there are plans to double the numbers of testing in a week – from roughly 20,000 tests to 40,000 per day.

One more question about testing is Delhi testing is a high reliance on Antigen, or rapid testing, which are not reliable as gold-standard RT-PCR tests.

While ICMR says that, around 30-40% of tests across India are antigen tests, which give out a higher number of wrong positives. In Delhi, this number has averaged around 70%.

Poor knowledge of Mask Wearing

Mask is one of the most important factors to stay from coronavirus for some time. In another word, if you are wearing a mask than the chances of getting infected is less. But now the people are playing with the mask. the wearing knowledge of the mask is very poor.

Delhi Corona case

Experts told us again and again about the laxity of wearing masks and how important is this. Police have also started different campaign for spreading awareness about this.

You can’t imagine around 1,80,000 people were fined for not wearing the mask in Delhi only till the 22 August. So think about this number is only from one state.

Now the people are not taking this pandemic seriously. This is the only reason for increasing the number of cases in INDIA.

Re-opening of the city

The top guidelines issued by the WHO for getting less infected is to stay away from crowded places. The advisory states “Where people come together in crowds, you are more likely to come into close contact with someone that has Covid-19 and it is more difficult to maintain a physical distance of 1 meter,”

The rise in Delhi Corona case due to reopen of everything: malls, restaurants, workplaces, markets, weekly markets, and hotels. Weekly markets and hotels just opened last week only.

Now the metro is also going to be open from 7 September. On average 2.5 million people are traveling from the metro. This number shows how horrible is going to happen in Delhi soon…

Delhi Corona case

Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain said that “the recent rise in the cases in Delhi does not the indication of 2nd wave, as the infection never left the National Capital”.

But now we think the media should show some concern about Coronavirus cases too. So that people are again started taking some precautions.

At last stay safe and if necessary than only go away from home, otherwise stay at home.

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