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High paying web hosting affiliate programs:- resell programs

Making money online is a dream for many of us. One of the ways is hosting affiliate programs. Actually hosting affiliate programs comes under affiliate programs.

On a report, the top affiliate marketer earns more than $30,000 per month. Again it takes efforts, experiments, invest a few years, and burn their few $$$$, with all of these they are at the top.

Actually, you heard from many people that they are making thousands of dollars when they are on holiday or are sleeping. And you think, they are lying to you.

But actually not, most of them are doing with affiliate marketing. So, lets start

Today we are going to discuss:-

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • Who can do affiliate marketing
  • Skills required for affiliate marketing
  • List of affiliate marketing programs
  • Web Hosting affiliate programs


Affiliate marketing is referring to the products to someone who wants. For every referring they will get a commission.
In simple words, you have to sell someone’s products to the product targeted audience.

You can sell their products, on your website, through images, blogs, social media, or mail. WIth your marketing strategy, add your affiliate link on your content and share it on the online platforms. If they’ll purchase with your link, you will definitely get a commission.

Who can do Affiliate marketing?

There is no hard and fast rule for anyone. Anyone can join the affiliate programs, no matter whatever the age you are, no matter where are you living. You just have an account on affiliate marketing programs and the platform where you are going to share the links.

TIPS :- Make sure you have PAYPAL account.

Skills required for affiliate marketing?

hosting affiliate programs

There are some skills you must have for high commission affiliate programs. This is not the necessary skill, but if have then it will good:-

  • Social platforms
  • Copywriting
  • Content writing

Social Platforms

Nowadays social media platforms are growing very rapidly. You must have an account on social media platforms and along with account if you have some loyal followers then it will be a bonus for you. Some of the big-name of social media are:- FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | SNAPCHAT | YOUTUBE | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | REDDIT | MEDIUM.

The more you share the content with link, the more chances that people will purchase from your link.

( Why they will purchase from your link ) Try to add some value or some benefits to the customers.

TIPS:- Make a funnel or pipeline, don’t tell directly to purchase the products. Share the content step by step.


You are joining the best affiliate marketing programs in the industry. Same as you thousands of other affiliate marketers also joined. They are also sharing the high paying affiliate programs link. But why they’ll purchase from your link.

Now, here the copywriting or sales copy works. Basically, the content you are sharing on the platform is how powerful. Is the title of your content is unique? Is it worth it to click or read?

You must hear before the content is king. Your content is must be easy, understandable, Call to action ( push the audience to buy ), unique, and problem-solving. Also, try to relate the article with a practical story.

TIPS:- Always write upto 10 unique headlines or titles. Ask your parents or friends which is good.

Content Writing

High paying affiliate programs need very very strong content. After good copywriting, your content decides whether they will click on your link or not for purchase. At last, you want money, for the money you need to sell. Your content must be unique and try to express your personal experience in the form of content.

TIPS :- Share some facts or sales of that products. REVIEWS ALSO HELP.

All these three are the basic skills you have to learn. These are not the only skills.


Hope you already read above the basic of affiliate marketing, like:- what is affiliate marketing programs, skills, where to share. Now, we are going to share the reseller affiliate programs platform, where you can signup without any $$$$(COST).

hosting affiliate programs


Click Bank is one of the Top 10 affiliate marketing programs. The company was founded in 1998 in North America. So, since 1998 they are into affiliate marketing services. They have actively more than 1,00,000 affiliate marketers.

Click bank is an E-COMMERCE with digital and physical products. There is also a section where you can earn by promoting CLICK BANK products.


hosting affiliate programs

CJ ( Commission Junction )

CJ is a California based company with over 20years in the industry of HIGH PAYING AFFILIATE PROGRAMS. They pay up to 90% for each sale ( depends on the products ). CJ is a very trusted platform for affiliate marketing.

We suggest visit there website and get more information. CLICK HERE TO MORE :-


We all know about the amazon. Amazon is an E-COMMERCE platform with having millions of customers. They also have thousands of sellers. AMAZON also provide affiliate marketing ( BECOME A AFFILIATE ).

They clearly mention on there websites EARN UP TO 10% COMMISSION on every sale.

hosting affiliate programs


E-bay is also an e-commerce company with large customers. They also provide affiliate marketing. If you want to join their programs you can join it.


Last but not least, you can also join web hosting affiliate programs. Some companies are giving 100% commission on the sale. We also going to cover the hosting affiliate programs.

All are the few high paying affiliate programs, which you can join and earn $$$$ as much as you can.

Now there are some WEB HOSTING AFFILIATE PROGRAMS that are available with a very high commission rate. But before that, we are going to share something about web hosting.


Web hosting means host something on the internet so that you can access that thing worldwide. In the easy words, you can give space in your server, for internet products so that you can see. It is like renting your space.

hosting affiliate programs

Now, 100’s of affiliate marketer runs web hosting affiliate programs with upto 100% commission.


Liquid Web

If you want to earn UPTO $7000 per sale then without wasting your time join LIQUID WEB HOSTING AFFILIATE PROGRAMS. They are the premium hosting seller in the market having a wide range of plans from dedicated servers to e-commerce to enterprises.

When you visited then the best part you’ll find is they have a separate section according to the users.

For instance, you are a freelancer or want to start as a freelancer, then you can click on the freelancer tab, If you are an agency, click on the agency tab, for a business click on a business, for reseller click on the reseller.

They have very dedicated products for their customers.


You can also migrate your website without any additional cost, with FREE SSL Certificate.

Many experience bloggers share the programs of the liquid web. Liquidweb AFFILIATE PROGRAM PAID 150% of the monthly cost with a minimum CPA of $150.



Here are the breakup of the LIQUIDWEB hosting affiliate programs

  • If you prefer VPS hosting to someone, then you’ll get $100 to $300 PER SALE
  • If, you refer for managed WordPress, then $150 to $2000 per sale
  • If, you refer for managed WooCommerce, then $150 to $3000 per sale
  • If, you refer for cloud hosting, then $150 to $5000 per sale
  • If, you refer for Dedicated Hosting, then $150 to $7000 per sale

These payment structure make attractive to the users.



You can join SITEGROUND as reseller affiliate programs because of low-cost plans. For basic plans, you can start with $6.99 cents, which goes up to $14.99 cents.

Already they have hosted more than 2 million websites on-site grounds. They have a huge customer base because of one of the TOP-NOTCH SECURITY.

Apart from the customer base, they provide FREE SSL, FREE PROFESSIONAL EMAIL, and also 30-DAYS MONEY BACK.

For affiliate marketing, they have a straight plans.

  • Upto 5 sales in amonth :- $50/sale
  • Upto 10 sales in month :- $75/sale
  • Upto 20 sales in month :- $100/sale
  • Upto 21 sales in month:- Custom commissions

The more sale, the more commission you’ll get.

NOTE :- They have a weekly payout without minimum thresholds.

You can use banners, images, or links with your content. One of the best parts of siteground is you don’t have to reach a particular sales for your money. Even for one sale, you’ll get the payment.


Do you want to earn $2000 per month without any big efforts? Of course, who doesn’t want? Then you can join Hostgator as the best web hosting affiliate program. Because HostGator and hosting these are the very old and trusted hosting service providers in the industry.

Some of the extraordinary service they provided to their customers. Free domain, Free site migration, One-click WordPress, or other platform installation, Free SSL all these services made too lucrative and attractive customers for signups.

From an affiliate marketing perspective, as they are from ages in the market so that means very reliable.

Their payouts for sales are

1-5 sales:- $65/per sale

6-10 sales :- $75/ per sale

11-20 sales:- $100/per sale

21+ sales:-$125/per sale

Let’s do some math:- You wrote a very good blog and you are getting 15 sales. Now for each sale, you’ll $100 because you are in the third stage of their payment commission plans. 15$100:- $1500/per month.

In any case, you get 21 sales in a single month, then 21$125:- $2,625 sales. This is insane. You are getting more than $2,500 without doing so many efforts.

You have to reach minimum $100 for the commission to be released.


Web hosting affiliate programs of BLUEHOST is famous for low cost and high-quality hosting. Many small bloggers use the affiliate programs of BLUEHOST for generating some income. The users of BLUEHOST are almost everywhere from the world.

The payment structure is $65 per sale, however, you’ll get up to $120 as a commission for the per sale ( Depends on sale ).

Now, if we are talking about the payment method, you’ll get the payment after the 45days of purchase. Again you have to sell of minimum $100 for payment release. Make sure you have a PAYPAL account.

I like their tracking software. Because of tracking your all sales will be trackable. Not a single sales referred by you go uncredited.


A2 Hosting is one of the best affiliate programs. As we told you above is one of the oldest and trusted platform. They have multiple servers like shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting. Some of the well-known CMS you can download only for one-click such as WordPress | Drupal | Joomla | Magento | Opencart.

Ther affiliate programs are also lucrative and easy to sell. Let’s suppose you are providing 10sales in a month, then for each sale, you’ll get $55 for each sale. 5510:- $550 As the same, if you will manage 15 sales, then for each sale you earned $75. $7515:- $1,125 And for 21 or more than 21 sales in a month, you’ll get straight $125 per sale, $125*21:- 2,625

Their plans are very attractive. They have one more additional plan, If you think that your website traffic worth is more than $125 sales, then directly you can contact them. They will give you extra lucrative offers.

One additional bonus they provide affiliate marketer is to, you earn when every time your sub-affiliate make a conversion. Directly, you’ll earn $5 for each sub-affiliate conversion.

A2 hosting track till 90days. Like if someone clicks your link and didn’t purchase from your link, then don’t be upset. A2 hosting cookie policy track till 90days. If that person purchases within 90days without your link then also you’ll get the commission.


WP ENGINE used by mostly WordPress users or for a theme as well. The top-notch hosting leading provider is WP ENGINE.

WP Engine offering a minimum of $200 or 100% of the first-month payment ( whichever is higher ). And also 35% of StudioPress Theme sales. Their cookie policy is super long with 180days. Can you imagine 180 days is 3 months? Who doesn’t want to join If they have super long cookie tracking? Ultimately, it will help the affiliate marketer.


You’ll get 5 sales in a month, for each sales you are getting $200 + $100 ( as a bonus ). Now lets do some math :- 5$200 :- $1000 + $100 ( bonus ) :- $1,100 Now, you’ll get 10 sales in a month, for each sales you are getting $210 + $250 ( bonus ). Now $21010 :- $2100 + $250 :- $2350

For 5 sales you’ll get $100 as a bonus. For 10 sales, you’ll get $250 as a bonus. For 60 sales, flat $1500 as a bonus.
WP Engine also provides sub-affiliate conversion. For every conversion, you earn $50.

Last but not least


Fully managed WordPress hosting provider with cloud servers is KINSTA. Kinsta is also provided by GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM. The reseller affiliate program of KINSTA is way higher than others. If someone purchase from your link then you can earn up to $500 per sale plus 10% monthly recurring lifetime commission.

Let me share you that, you must have PAYPAL account.

If you refer for a starter plan ( $50 commission )
If you refer for a pro plan ( $100 commission )
If you refer for business plans ( $150 commission )
If you refer for an Enterprise plan ( $500 commission )

They provide long 60 day tracking policy.


All these are the top best affiliate programs or reseller affiliate programs with high paying commission. Make your strategy for promoting their product and start making money online ( ).

Hosting affiliate programs is like you already heard some of the companies names. Now, choosing the best one is always up to you, keep your mind with all the factors.

For those, who already are making thousands of money by hosting affiliate programs, let me know in the comments which one is work for you.

All the best. Looking for some precious comments.

Affiliate Marketing


Which hosting is best for affiliate marketing?

Some of the best web hosting affiliate programs are:-
Liquid Web
A2 hosting

What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

Work for highest paying affiliate programs are:-
WP Engine
Liquid web

How do I promote my website hosting affiliate program?

We can promote an affiliate program in a few ways:-
Sharing on social media
Share Product review
Build an email list
Refer to near-dear
Write a Blog
Put an image on the website

What websites have affiliate programs?


Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

Of course yes !! Making money online is always a great method. The best part is you can make money while you are sleeping. Lots of marketers are making thousands of dollars in a month. You can also do that.

Do I need a website to be an affiliate marketer?

Some say YES or some say NO, but the truth is you have to need a huge amount of traffic. Now, it depends, whether from your website or from youtube channel or from Instagram post or video. Traffic turns into money.

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