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Online Data entry jobs without investment | Work from home that is not Scam

We have devoted our time to search some of the websites which are legitimate and paying good amount in $$$$$. There are some ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS which you can do without investment.

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Doing data entry jobs it’s not bad even we suggest that no work or no profession is bad. Even we suggest that after doing your regular income work, still, you have time then why you don’t use that time to generate more $$$$$$ for yourself.

There are some friends who want to EARN ONLINE or EARN THROUGH INTERNET goes first thing in mind is ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS or WORK. Why online DATA ENTRY JOBS? Why they don’t explore other things.


As we found most of the ONLINE DATA ENTRY WORK will do work from home. As all want that they are ready for the work but work from home. What you all need is that you have a laptop, internet, good typing speed, and decent space where no one can disturb you.

The best lucrative part of a genuine online data entry job is they are ready to pay HANDSOME DOLLAR even in PER HOUR BASES. But why you guys are stick with only DATA ENTRY JOBS, there are other thousands of work which you can do from home and EARN even MORE THAN your REGULAR INCOME.


But let me tell you guys one thing, there are lots of scams also going on for DATA ENTRY WORK or JOBS. Even not only for DATA ENTRY WORK even whatever the work related to the internet or work from home jobs there are huge scams going on. So, BEWARE OF SCAMS.


Here are the list of virtual data entry jobs


Online data entry jobs

So, here is the first company that provides DATA ENTRY JOBS is SpeakWrite ( Click here:- ). They specialize in Legal Transcription, Law Enforcement Transcription, Protective Service, and Business Transcription services.

They generally hired those candidates who have at least 1-year experience in online typing jobs. It’s their company policy. Apart from that, they want high-quality speed which is a minimum of 60 WPM (word per minute) typing speed with the above 90% accuracy.

NOTE:- They accept the application for those who are a resident of CANDA or US. As we all know its an ONLINE TYPING JOB so you must have good command in ENGLISH GRAMMAR, SPELLING, PUNCTUATION.


Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk) is a platform where you can earn at least similar to your pocket money. Because they think that in modern technology there is still some work which can be done by only HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.

Online data entry jobs

They also share that some of the work like:- Identifying objects in a photo or video, performing data duplication, researching data details, and much more work is only done in an effective way only by humans.

In MTurk there is a HIT ( Human Intelligence Task ) is a question that needs an answer. A HIT is a virtual work that a worker can work and submit it, But before that, you have to create an account. Now, boom you’re earning start …. You’ll get the payments in DOLLARS or in AMAZON GIFT CARD.

MTurk is another platform, you can use for virtual data entry jobs.

Capital Typing

CAPITAL TYPING calls themselves ‘the world smartest office‘. But why they called themselves a “The smartest office” The reason is since 2002 they provide high-value solutions to the client and also design a smart business model. They design the client project in a smart way so that they can concentrate on maximizing the PROFIT.

Online data entry jobs

They deliver comprehensive solutions for the business office–everything from typing and transcription to data entry, research, bookkeeping, administrative support, web design, programming, and more. So you can get too many options on these platforms.

Till now they have two vacancies available ONE for CONTENT WRITER and Another for TRANSCRIPTIONIST.
(Click here:- )

For more Online Data entry jobs OR work from home jobs from Capital Typing website, then create an account on Capital Typing.


Another ONLINE DATA ENTRY WORK FROM HOME PLATFORM is DATAPLUS+. As we go through with their websites they are providing DATA ENTRY SERVICES since 1992. They are located in PO Box 623 Hiram, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

They also provide their contact number (770)-241-5452). You can contact through mail:-

What best part we can see on their website is CASE STUDIES. We suggest visiting once in the case studies sector. They are providing data entry services in multiple sectors are as DATA ENTRY SERVICES | DATABASE PROGRAMMING | MS ACCESS DEVELOPER.

Here is the list of some data entry services they provide:- Law Enforcement Reports, Membership applications, Warranty cards, Registration cards, vehicle/VIN Validation, and many more. Gather all the documents and apply it. Cross your fingers so that your profile will select earlier….

Click here :-


If the base value of a day’s work is $120, your share would be as follows: 99% accuracy: $108.00. They provide services like voter registrations and petition signatures. Your task is to figure out whether the signatures are form voters. The best part of SigTrack is they never ask for $$$$ or for the cheque.

Online data entry jobs

For signup what you have to do is take a 3-seconds video of your driving license with your face and upload on their platform or you can mail at:- Make sure the focus of the camera on your ID. The video file is less than or equal to 5 MB.

For payment, you must have a PAYPAL account because payment must be done electronically. Also, If your amount goes to beyond the max level then you are responsible for the tax on the profit. You’ll get paid on every FRIDAY of a week.

Click here for more information:-

NOTE :– You cannot reside in California or Massachusetts at anytime.


They are primarily microtask websites, but at the same time, they provide DATA ENTRY WORK too. After going through with the website we found that there are multiple ways of earning. Their work is fairly skilled or even required a very low skill.

Online data entry jobs

They clearly mention on their websites ” We are always looking for people from anywhere in the world who enjoy writing, translating, researching, and data processing. Clickworker provides digital tasks to interested workers – we call them Clickworkers”.

Clickworkers are freelancers who utilize our workplace platform. As a Clickworker you earn money working completely independently on your own schedule from any personal computer with Internet access.

For registration click here :-

They mention that whatever the work you’ll do for a CLICKWORKER like:- ONLINE DATA ENTRY WORK FROM HOME, TYPING WORK FROM HOME, and many more.. the amount will immediately show on your account after the completion of the work.


Quicktate provides different work some of them are medical files, memos, voicemail, recording of calls, and other audio files. You need to pass a quick test round because that test will decide whether you’re eligible or not. One best part is that they don’t require such experience. If you have good knowledge then you can apply.


Online data entry jobs

Accutranglobal is a specialist in TRANSCRIPTION. Accutranglobal established its company in 2002, so they are providing the series form more than 18 years.

Apart from transcription work they are also dealing with CART SERVICES, VOICE WRITING, MEDICAL, LEGAL, INTERVIEWS, and so many other services. As their services are more so the work opportunity for you is also more. They always engaging with new contract transcribers, real-time stenographers, and voice writers.

Make sure your typing speed is more than or equal to 70 ( 70 WPM ). We also found that they only hire workers from USA or CANADA for Online data entry from home or legitimate online typing jobs.

You can directly contact through mail :- or call :- 855-855-0505.

Visit their website :-


GoTranscript is ONE of the largest ONLINE TRANSCRIPTION & TRANSLATION agency. GoTranscript was founded in 2006 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

During that time they were found that audio transcription was a big pain point for both customers and transcribers. So, they decided to start GoTranscipt with minimum charges and deliver the best service.

Online data entry jobs

They are not taking large work for DATA ENTRY but If you have another experience too like- AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION, VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION, TRANSLATION, CAPTIONS and many more. You may apply for the above position If you have a good amount of experience.

If your application is accepted you must undergo training and certification before you can get started.

You can website the website here:- or you can contact through call:- +1 (347)-809-6761


Diondata is another platform for ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS. They generally hire home-based candidates. They provide multiple services in the industries like:-

  • Data Entry
  • Inventory
  • Document Archiving and Storage Solutions
  • Mailing/Marketing List Development
  • Litigation/Legal Support
  • Data, Image and Document Conversion
  • Medical/Dental Claims Processing

So, we suggest visiting their website from time to time for updation and also share your profile with them. So, you can easily get ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS.

Xerox from home

Basically we are looking for WORK FROM HOME JOB. I think it is not necessary that you must have a DATA ENTRY JOB. You have to do any work but work must be done from home.

Online data entry jobs

So, this is the right platform. Trust me, we go through with their website and we found too many options which can be done from home.

They mentioned that over the last 30years they are providing various jobs which is work from home. They have more than 8000 home-based employees for multiple positions:- customer care | Tech support | DATA ENTRY | Image tagging | Quality control | Administrative support and so on….

Now you read above paragraph again. They also have ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS even from home.

So, apply as earlier you can and claim your work and start earning $$$$$.

Click here :-

Flex Jobs

Flexjobs is a platform where they can offer some kind of life-changing resources. They always share the work like remote work, flexible schedule, Freelance work, or part-time work

Online data entry jobs

They are the most trusted job services in the Flexible work field. You can access all the jobs, you don’t have to worry hence all the jobs were picked up through hands. So, all leads are safe.

They charge a nominal fee for access to full services at $6.95. You can find all legitimate online typing jobs or genuine online data entry jobs and also other jobs.

For more information :-


Guys you might be heard the name of FIVERR. Yes, Fiverr is a platform used by millions of businessmen from all over the world. You’ll find multiple categories of work:- best data entry jobs | virtual data entry jobs | freelance data entry jobs | Customer support job | Social media work | website development work | excel work | transcription work | other work.

Online data entry jobs

All works are legitimate because they first verify the company and then they list on their website. Their payout is also good. You’ve to create a very high-quality profile and create an attractive thumbnail of your service. For taking a project you have to do a bid when your bid is good for the company then they will give you the project.

PRO TIP :- Start taking projects in less amount trust the build, get the good reviews and then boom….


Apart from Fiverr, there are other some well know platforms like- UPWORK | TRUELANCER | GOLANCER | FREELANCER you can take ONLINE FREELANCE DATA ENTRY JOBS FROM HOME WITHOUT INVESTMENT.

Can we really earn from ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS ?

We are not saying that you can earn hundreds of or thousand’s of dollars, but yes you can earn. Although they’re not the most lucrative or high paying job still you can earn. We already shared above some of the good know platforms from where you can earn. You can apply for ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS on those platforms.

Make sure whichever the platform you are visiting, Don’t pay single money either for their equipment or for a project taking or for any kind. Don’t pay until and unless you are satisfied. Also, do one thing crosscheck of the company for which you are going to work ( Check-in GLASSDOOR or TRUSTPILOT ).


We always saw a lot of scam going on for ONLINE DATA ENTRY WORK or for TYPING WORK FROM HOME. They promise you that they will pay $50 or $60 per hour but trust me very rarely companies are paying such a high amount. So BEWARE OF SCAMS.

We heard that most of the companies ask for you the money. But they never ask straight forward. They ask for like registration fees or for equipment charges, kit charges. Even nowadays we heard that they are asking for money as a training purpose. But don’t give them.

All the best for ONLINE DATA ENTRY JOBS.


What is the best online data entry jobs?

Ther are multiple platform which helps you to get online data entry jobs

How can I get online data entry job?

You can register yourself on FIVERR | UPWORK | TOPTAL | SIMPLY HIRED | PEOPLE PER HOUR | GURU.

Is online data entry jobs safe?

Yes !! If you can get a work from freelancer website then 100% safe.

What is meant by online data entry jobs?

Data entry is basically enter the information on computer so that it can be save on their database.

Online Data Entry

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