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9 Ways to earn money online $5000+ FREELANCER

We can tell you the ways to earn money online which we are using. Cross your fingers it is a multi-million $$$$ strategy. Now let me tell you the truth as well. You must have some kind of skills, it will help you to generate thousands of dollars in a single month.

NOTE:- We are going to share the ways to earn money online but you need to invest at least the first 6 months & invest up to $50. Assuming you have a laptop and internet connection. So here we go….



The first way to earn money online is FREELANCING. So, this is one of the easiest and super effective ways to make money online. You just have some skills, then easily you can make a great income apart from your job.

Now skills ?? What? Skills mean any skills which you can teach to others ( Some examples are:- Graphic Designer, Accounting, Coding, Thumbnail creation, video editing, website making, Application making, writing, Typing, copywriting, and many more…)

Now how would I get the work? So, by simply you have to register yourself in some well-known freelancer portals ( Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Peopleperhour, Crowded ).



Business wants all reports even for single bucks which you spent on marketing. Same with digital marketing, you can track all the reports. Now businesses are moving from traditional to modern marketing.

ways to earn money

Audiences are spending more time on the INTERNET, even whatever they want, first they can search on the INTERNET. This is the reason why a business needs DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES

Learn digital marketing and deliver services to companies or startups. Prepare yourself with proven records, make a presentation, and pitch to the business. Social media, SEO, or email marketing is ways to earn money online.

More you can also provide PAID MARKETING SERVICES like Facebook marketing, Google Adwords & Bing marketing ( generally known as PPC services ). Paid marketing is also a super way to earn money.


Ryan Kaji, the eight-year-old behind YouTube channel “Ryan’s World,” remained the video platform’s highest earner for a second year, raking in $26 million in 2019,

Did you know 8 YEARS-OLD smiling Ryan Kaji earn $26million in 2019? He is the highest earner from a video platform for the second consecutive year. Now just take a break and think how powerful the youtube platform is.

We all know video is the future. Youtube is one of the quick ways to earn money. Some of the list which we are sharing so that you can create a video on it

  1. VLOG
  5. FACTS

All above are the ways to earn money from youtube.

PRO TIP:- Focus on completing 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to enable a paid program from youtube.

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If you don’t have your own product then you can go with AFFILIATE PROGRAMS. Nowadays, many bloggers or digital marketers are using affiliate marketing to quickly make money online.

In affiliate marketing, you have to sell the products of different companies. For each sales, they’ll give you the slice of the profits OR you’ll get the commission.

Now, look around yourself, which kind of network you have. Then accordingly sell the products. Some are the best sites who provide affiliate marketing programs


They have multiple products. What you have to do is just visit any one of them and go to the signup button and find out which one is the best product which you can sell and get a huge commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to earn money. Pat Flynn, John Chow, and Jeremy Schoemaker are the top affiliate marketers who earn more than $30,000 in a single month. Trust me guys, it’s a very big and huge platform. You don’t even think about how much you can earn from these platforms.


Are you a good writer OR do you love to write. Assuming “YES”. Why you don’t try yourself as a blogger. Write a good effective blog and make money from the blogs. Yes, you can generate $4000+ in a month with a blogger. Me, my friends and even thousands of persons are contributing as a blogger. While we are talking about online earning or ways to earn money then blogger is the first or second priority.

You can make a website. wait..wait…. don’t think it is hard to make a website. It is just a drag and drops the matter.

Purchase a DOMAIN. ( Click here to purchase )
Purchase a HOSTING. ( Click here to purchase )
Select the theme And start building the website.

PRO TIP:- Take ONE niche in which you are super expert (micro-niche). and write an effective blog.

After creating a website, pick up the niche. Make sure you are the super expert for that niche. Start writing blogs and do some SEOs. After 15 or 20 blogs you can apply for GOOGLE ADSENSE PROGRAM. GOOGLE ADSENSE PROGRAM helps you to make money from blogs. You can also join some affiliate programs which help you to increase your earning.

You can also write for other business and for that you can charge on the basis of per word or per hour.


E-commerce is the modern way to earn money online. Due to COVID-19, people are avoiding that place where the gathering is possible. So, they generally are ordering online. Afterall for the social distance, we have to avoid going outside as much as we can. So, this is the right time If you want to start a new business or want to enter the e-commerce venture.

ways to earn money

To start E-COMMERCE there are multiple ways. You can sell your own products through AMAZON ( Amazon FBA ) or with E-BAY, another way is to sell your product through your own website or with the application.

For your own website, you have to create an e-commerce platform ( https://www.ecommerceceo.com/shopify-alternatives/ ). You can use SHOPIFY | BIGCOMMERCE | WOOCOMMERCE | MAGENTO.

PRO TIP :- Make sure your website is MOBILE FRIENDLY, because majority customers are came from mobile.

After creating your website you have to find the winning products. That product which is not selling by more businessman and also it must be problem-solving. Somehow you’re able to do these things then trust me its a WIN-WIN situation for you.

Moreover, keep testing with the products. For promotion, you can use Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, E-mail marketing, and also PPC ( Pay per click ).


Copywriting is a multi-million $$$$ industry. It plays a vital role in marketing. Copywriting and promotions both are the body & soul of marketing. Copywriting is the act of writing the text for advertising. Copywriters are those who are experts in writing the text you see on websites, adverts, emails, billboards, brochures, sales pages, press releases, and other marketing platforms.

Now every business wants to promote its business. So, for promotion, they also need copywriters. You can charge the handsome amount for writing a sales copy.

Copywriting also helps to generate sales or helps to take action on advertisements. You can work as a freelancer for 2 or 3 companies and charge them $2000 monthly from each client. It will sum up to $48000 in a year. Now work on skills try to improve your skills. The more skills, the more expert the more charges.

PRO TIP :- Initial stage pick your niche and write effective and complelling copywriting.

How to approach the client. Copywriting is the most demanding way to earn money online. How to approach your client

  1. Register yourself in UPWORK | FIVERR | TRUELANCER
  2. Target the startups.

Make a list of startup and do a cold calling or emailing. Fix a meeting and deliver your pitch. Boom they agree to work.

PRO TIP:- Before delivering the pitch, make sure you have something to show to your client. FOCUS ON COST-CUTTING


In a COVID-19 situation, we all are afraid of how our education will go. Teaching is a skill. You must have an expert in a particular domain. You can teach anything in which you are an expert. Either in YOGA, DANCING, PAINTING, INTERVIEW HANDLING, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, FINANCING, EXERCISING, and so on……

Now you can use either any platform like Facebook or Youtube for teaching. You can also do some marketing, generate the leads, and give them the classes through skype or zoom call. Take small fees from them.

PRO TIP:- Record the classes and upload them on Youtube too. Tell them existing students to bring more students and get a commission.

You can also give them certificate.


ways to earn money

Having experience in a particular domain is a great advantage for you. You can use that experience as a BUSINESS CONSULTATION ( http://solvingpoint.com/ease-side-jobs-from-home-make-a-1000-a-month/). Thousands of startups are going on in the industry. As all our startups you can use your skills as a consultant. You can charge a good amount.

Getting a consultation form experience is a win win situation for startups.


We already discussed the ways to earn money online. If you can leverage time and the internet you can make a good income from the side. But all these things need skills or experience. If you have a mixture of skills and experience then trust me you can make a huge amount.

Hope, you can use these ways to earn money online.

All the best


How can I make $100 a day?

Google Adsense
Affiliate Marketing
Paid Marketing
Selling Leads

How can I make $5000 fast?

Teach Online
Ecommerce Activity
Start Driving : Uber , Ola
Rent your car & House

What are the ways to make money online?

Paid Promotion
Freelancing Work
Transcription Work

How can I make real money fast?

Online Marketing Trading
Get Paid to sites
Reviews Website and apps fro cash

What are the best freelancers site?

Design Crowd
Angel list
Working Not Working

Does Freelancers Charge Money?

Freelancers are free to signup , Post a projects, free bidding and free reviews. But if you accept the work for freelancers then for that work you have to pay amount to freelancers.In shorts, freelancing sites are free of cost But getting services from freelancers are paid.

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